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GFDD is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to the advancement of global collaboration and exchange relevant to Dominican professionals, general audiences and institutions in the homeland and abroad. The Foundation conducts research, enhances public understanding, designs public policies, devises strategies, and offers capacity-building in areas crucial to social, economic, democratic and cultural sustainable development.

GFDD promotes better understanding and appreciation of Dominican culture, values and heritage in the Dominican Republic, US and worldwide. | Read More

Articles by Dr. Leonel Fernández

“The G-7 Summit: Escalating Towards a New Cold War?”, an article by Dr. Leonel Fernández

Among the various issues recently addressed at the G-7 summit in Hiroshima, two stand out for their particular nature: Russia’s war in Ukraine and the current geopolitical, trade and technological tensions with China. The magnitude of these conflicts is such that some international analyst’s belief that humanity is experiencing a new Cold War period. The […]

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Portal Dominican Community in the US Facing Covid19

The purpose of the Project is to gather and present pertinent and relevant information for the Dominican community residing in the United States regarding the process of the Covid19 pandemic and to report on the current and future repercussions at a socioeconomic, psychological, environmental and cultural level.

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